Project: Complete!

Ta daaa! Here is our black and white picture wall. I still need to fill the frames, but they are up! Over the next couple of weeks I will be collecting old family photos from both Aaron's and my family, to mix with new ones of our growing babies.
So, first we measured out the perimeter of the rectangle we wanted up on the wall and moved frames around and squished them in to fit, starting like a puzzle with the outside edges first. Next, we used a laser level and taped straight lines to form our rectangle on the wall. We took pictures of the arrangement on the floor and used that as a guide to match it on the wall. Aaron started on the wall the same way we did on the floor, first putting up the frames around the outside edges and then filling in the center. It's not perfect, but we love it and hope to add more to it.

Some new projects coming soon:

-filling the frames with pictures from all generations of our families.
-recovering the church pew (just found some pretty cheap fabric at JoAnn's with a 60% of tag!)
-sewing lots of fun/funky pillows for the pew (I have a lot of old fabrics to go through and be inspired by)

I will take some pictures of our progress. I love house projects, it feels so good to get some done and dream about others for this cozy home of ours.