Still here

It has been quite a busy month for our little family. Aaron has started his new job at Harry and David and is loving it. The only major requirement was that we moved four hours South to take the position. We left that sweet little house that we loved (and had just moved into), boxes boxes boxes again. The company paid for our move and we even had movers to lift, pack, and drive all of our stuff. What a blessing that was!

We are slowly getting settled into a new community. Change is not easy, but we are excited to see what this new chapter brings. We miss our friends, church, house, community- the familiar. At the same time we are so happy to live near our family.

This past week I took all four kids to Arizona to visit family and oh- the lovely sunshine! Two airplane rides each way and lots of time spent at the Seattle airport; we came away with some pretty funny stories of our adventures. A LOT of people stopped me to say how crazy I was for traveling with four kiddos by myself, but even more stopped me to say that the kids were so good and well behaved. I don't know if those people really know how much those comments meant at just that time. Our village grew ten fold on that trip. :-)

I have pictures to share and even more stories to tell of this past month, but for now, just a quick hello on this little blog- about the only familiar piece of my day right now.

xo, Jolene

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Our home December 2010 (I'm wanting to capture the little nooks of this house we love, moving day is coming quickly. T-5 days)

Sweet Independence

While daddy was packing...

Aiden got into some cupcakes- he plated them on our finest china all by himself, one for each of the kids and licked the frosting off of each of them. He is so cute! Such a busy little boy, and through all of his curiosity he included his brothers and sister.
And as you can imagine, chocolate buttercream makes quite a mess. To the bathtub for this little cutie. As independent as my littlest is, he still loves to snuggle his mama.xoxo (and daddy too :)