Birthday Boy!

My sweet boy Ryan is already 6! I can't believe it! Wednesday the 9th was his actual birthday. By his request we had: white chocolate chip pancakes (I gave him a stack of six to eat :) for lunch, quesadillas, and for dinner hot dogs and Root Beer floats.
(bare with me, my camera is going out so all the photos are dark)
This year he wanted a Seattle Seahawks Football Birthday, it was so fun! We set up at a nearby park and had hot wings, carrot sticks, celery sticks, chips, Root Beer, licorice, and cake.

Great friends taking a tough football picture. :)

Playing ball, I love that Anna was out there playing with all the boys. :)

Ohhh, sweet baby Ryan. He still has those cheeks and that precious smile. He is such a fun kid and I love spending my days with him. Happy Birthday, Ryan! I love you! xoxo ~Mama

The 11th Day


Labor Day

Happy Labor Day and hello there! I've been MIA ,but I have returned. So much to catch up on, but lets start with this weekend.

We had a great weekend with friends and family starting with an end of the summer bbq on Saturday night. Our friends made wonderful fillet minon, we brought twice baked potato casserole, another family brought awesome guacamole, chips and salsa, and another family made bananas foster...and great drinks. Mmmm mmm! Between our four families we have eleven kiddos, and they all play well together. What a great end to the summer!

Yesterday Aaron's parents drove in for a one night stop en route to Europe. Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland- amazing, so happy for them. While they were here we celebrated Ryan's birthday (Sept. 9th) I can't believe he will be six already. I made roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, and apple crisp to celebrate. Sunday chicken dinners are so comforting!
This morning I made french toast with a lemon blueberry sauce and sausage- oh sausage, yum! While we are on the subject of food, let's pause from the weekends happenings for a short story...

During the week I bustle around this little town collecting only the freshest, organic, local, free range meats, cheeses, eggs, raw milk, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, fairly traded every ones happy healthy and content foods. I make our bread for goodness sake, and try my hardest to avoid fast food (umm, Burgerville, you are not classified as 'fast food.')

Now, I love my in-laws dearly, they love my kids with every inch of their hearts and are teary eyed just watching them play, BUT they like to take them to McDonald's to play and eat when they come and today was no exception. Guess what my soon to be six year old declared as we arrived to the golden arches?

"Mommy, I want McDonald's to be our home!"

Me: *gasp* *horrified expression*

" would want it filled with only healthy food.." *careful smile* day...just wait.....(I can't even finish my sentence. Picture the curator of the museum in Night at the Museum. The snooty, greased hair and bow tie guy. Yes, that's him. Insert the awkward expression and trailing

Today after lunch :) Aaron enjoyed brewing beer with some great friends while our kiddos rested. I made chicken and dumplings for dinner and we ate some of the scrumptious tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden. I love the harvest months!

Homeschooling starts next week, and after tomorrow we will be all ready for it!

Now, to end this beautiful weekend and wonderful summer, I must go finish off the apple crisp with my handsome husband.

WELCOME FALL! Ohh, how I LOVE the fall! Cozy up tonight!