Coming Soon!

I have been a bad blogger mama lately...hmmm, a great mama and a silent blogger, that sounds better. I have so much to write about: rafting, camping, boating, swimming, playing, gardening, cooking, FOOD and...homeschooling. I know, I am also a fickle mama. We are homeschooling! Yippee!

So many things to look forward to on this quiet little blog.

Coming soon...lots of pictures and updates.

Really soon. :)

Beautiful Bride

Finally! Here are the pictures from Karyn's wedding so many of you have been asking for. She is absolutely gorgeous!

What a stunning picture. Karyn's tattoo says 'Love conquers all' she had it done in France this year.
My beautiful kids! The three girls. My Mama, Karyn and I.
What an amazing day! To see all of the wedding pictures you can visit Karyn's smugmug page here.

Not For Sale

My trip to Nicaragua earlier this year has been on my mind so much lately. The people, hope, happiness, poverty, family. I have such great memories from the trip, but also so many that made me question my purpose, my future and how I am called to serve God and other people. One passion that God stirred in my heart on that trip was to end human trafficking and slavery. That 'stirring' was one of the hardest experiences I have been faced with, seeing the sex trade happening in front of my face left me feeling helpless, hopeless, and at the same time ready for battle. Ready to fight the darkness for the Light, ready to kick down brothel doors and carry precious little ones out.

A few weeks ago my close friend Nicole called (she was also on the trip with me as well as her sister Deana) and said that the three of us had been invited to work at the Global Forum on Human Trafficking put on by the 'Not For Sale' campaign. It is a campaign to re-abolish slavery and end human trafficking. Currently there are more than 27 million slaves in the world today, half of those are children, 80% are women. Learn more about Not For Sale here. Leading experts from around the world will come together to speak on subjects such as:

Innovative Models of Survivor Care
Monitoring Supply Chains
Undermining Trafficking Rings
Transitioning Justice Systems
Enhancing Justice and Refining Prosecution
Philanthropic Engagement in Abolitionist Work

In October, Aaron and I (and Aiden, my sweet nursing babe) will be flying to San Diego for this conference along with our close friends. I am eager to learn more about this campaign, hear about the work abolitionists have already been doing to end human trafficking, and see how our family can be a part of what's to come. I am hoping to bring a part of this back to our church to teach others and motivate the community to do something about slavery. It's happening all around us, here in the U.S, in our own backyards and we can stop it.

I am proud to be a modern day abolitionist. Will you join me?