Raspberries and Sunshine

It was a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, perfect for picking some delicious raspberries. Smith Berry Barn is a great place to get berries- organic practices and no spray! Soon black raspberries, marion berries and boysenberries will be ready, I can almost taste the jam and smell the pies! The kids all helped...or they were until they were mesmerized by the giant slugs they found, Anna was happy eating all the berries she could, and Aiden was soundly sleeping.

Here is Anna resting on Daddy's head. The raspberry bushes were so tall that all I could see down the rows was Anna's strawberry blonde hair blowing in the wind and her little head bouncing with every step. It was so cute.

I LOVE this picture of Anna picking berries with her little toes pointed. So sweet.

Ryan and Tyler watching the slugs they found.

Sweet summer days...

Precious Baby

Aiden is five weeks old, what a precious baby he is.

Don't you want to want to kiss those cheeks?

And snuggle him?

Oh, big yawn. Don't you want to smell his head and soak in that sweet baby smell?

Oh! And those toes...ten tiny perfect little toes.

I love this little boy!

What's For Dinner?

Four thirty rolled around and I still didn't know what I was going to make for dinner tonight. I looked through the fridge and started piecing together a Greek pasta dish. It ended up being delicious and everyone gobbled it up. The inspiration all started with Adelles Organic chicken, spinach, and feta sausage. I could eat the whole package by myself, but I decided to share.
-olive oil
-Irish me
-spinach and feta sausage
-garlic..lots of garlic
-red peppers
-grape tomatoes
-Kalamata olives
-feta cheese
-linguine or any pasta

Serve with lemon, cucumbers, and warm pita bread.

It was a yummy, fresh, summery meal that I plan on making A LOT. The only hang up is that I don't have a name for this dish, and since this nursing mama of four has a brain that checks out at 6 pm, I need help.

Any ideas on a wildly exciting name?

Alaska Or Bust

We spent most of last week in Grants Pass for my sister Karyn's wedding. It was SO gorgeous! The perfect backyard wedding, the most beautiful bride, an awesome groom, friends, family, the Rogue River, and great food. I couldn't bear to take my eyes off of my beautiful sister or to leave her side long enough to grab my camera, so I don't have any pictures. I will have to wait until the wedding pictures start circulating to post them. I WILL get them on here soon though, you have to see the beauty I got to experience last week. Zac (Karyn's!) was hired at an accounting firm in Anchorage, know, the state close to Russia that seems SO far away? :) So they stopped by to stay the night and give lots of hugs and kisses on their way up to the snowy state. We had Shrimp Scampi over pasta, asparagus, freshly made crusty french bread, three different kinds of cheeses with fruit, and homemade Mojitos with rum that I brought back from Nicaragua...they were SO good.

My beautiful sister, great food, my sweet family, laughter, tears, good drinks, memories remembered, memories made, pictures, hugs, kisses, and chocolate ice cream...yes, it was a great evening.

They left this morning after coffee and bagels. My little sister and best friend, all grown up, married and on her way to a new life as a wife and one day a mother. So much excitement to look forward to. I was soaked with tears as we said goodbye and once I couldn't see the U-haul any longer I made my way back into the house and into Aaron's arms for a good cry, and thank goodness we didn't eat all the chocolate ice cream last night!!

Travel Mercies sweet Karyn, I love you. xoxo ~Sissy


Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy picking, preserving and eating strawberries. The first time we picked two weeks ago, we got 31 lbs of Hoods and the second time we picked 19lbs of Benton's. The kids did a great job picking...and eating. :) Aaron and I canned two batches of strawberry jam and froze the rest for smoothies for the winter. A little taste of sunshine for those chilly months ahead.

Look at these cute strawberry kids! :)

Ryan picking as many berries at one time as he can. :)
Tyler eating the sweet berries.
Sweet berry baby, Aiden fast asleep. :)
"Mama, look at all the berries I got!"
Our kids and Sarah's two kids. Sally was already heading back to the van. What a beautiful view!
Beautiful strawberry girl Anna. She was a great helper and LOVED eating the strawberries! Strawberries: one of the many blessings that comes with summer. Next up, raspberry jam! Mmmm!

Happy 6 Years!

Today Aaron and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary! I can't believe how fast it has gone by and how many fun memories we have together. God has blessed us both with our soul mate, He strengthens us each day, and His word is our foundation. I am more in love with Aaron today than the day we said 'I do'. :)

June 7th, 2003.

June 7th, 2009. Here we are today...



My sweet boys.

My beautiful, goofy, hilarious family.

Life is good! :) Look how far we've come...


On Monday night we celebrated Ryan's graduation from Teacher Loekie's class. It was so cute! The kids all wore little caps and gowns, I didn't even know they made them that small! All 15 kids in his class went through their morning routine, every child had a job. They sang songs, went through the days of the week and the date, and Ryan stood up in front of everyone and read a short story in the microphone. He was AWESOME! When he was done he went back to his seat and gave Aaron and I a sweet thumbs up from the stage. :) There was a cookie party afterward, and then we went home and had Rt. Beer floats for a second dessert to celebrate. Hurray for all three of these graduates!! Auntie Karyn graduated from Pacific University the weekend before, soon to be Uncle Zac graduated from Linfield the day before, and Ryan graduated to Kindergarten! Great job!

It was such a fun evening, so full of celebrations and new beginnings. My sister and soon to be brother-in-law came, and Bobo and Gong Gong (Aaron's parents) came. Ryan was SO excited to have the support of family. Thank you for coming! :) I am so glad I have time before another graduation, they can be quite emotional. :)