Hiding with Oranges

The other day I came downstairs to find sweet little Anna, hiding under the table with six peeled oranges all around her. Even with a full mouth she was able to give a cute mischevious grin. I said "Anna, what did you find?" "Yummy, mama!" and she crawled out to share some of her treasure. Every time I would take a bite she would say "Yummy?" Very cute. :)

Inauguration Day Through The Eye's of a Five Year Old

Did you watch the Inauguration today? It was pretty inspiring! We watched it with some friends during playgroup at our house this morning. The younger ones were more into the toys and sliced apples for snack, but this afternoon I had quite the conversation with Ryan about this special day. Here's how it went:

Ryan: So Mommy, today was a pretty big day for Barack Obama.

Mommy: It sure was, did you watch him on TV at school?

Ryan: Yep, and I cheered for him and sang a song for him.

Mommy: That's great! I got to watch him too with Tyler and Anna.

Ryan: Mommy, I think you voted for the bad guy, I voted for Barack Obama. It's okay though because my teacher said that Barack Obama says he will still be your president.

(pause....really?! How does my five year old son know about all of this, and since when does he have such a strong political opinion let alone quote a speech that will be apart of our history forever?)

Mommy: Well Ryan.....(thinking of how to make this a learning experience and not good guy vs. bad guy thing) There were no bad guys to vote for, there were two great guys, and Obama is a very kind person.....(here Ryan interrupted and said "you mean BARACK Obama".....because even though there were people that didn't vote for him, or maybe didn't like him at first, he said he still wants to take care of them...and that's how God wants us to treat people.

Ryan: Yep, I know, that's what my teacher told me and that's why I voted for the good guy. Did you know that Barack Obama has a wife and her name is Mrs. Obama? :)

(apparently we aren't getting past the good guy thing)

Mommy: Yes, she is pretty cool. We'll have to look up more information about their family when we get home. (mommy is still in shock that I have just had a political smack a five year old)

Tyler: Well I get to go to swimming lessons tonight. :)

Anna: Uh huh!

And that is how our inaugural conversation went down...I'm sure there will be more this afternoon!

Freedom to Worship

Here is an email sent out by our pastor:

Hello everyone,

Newberg Friends founded and has partnered with the Newberg Latino Friends Church for almost 30 years. Angel Diaz, their pastor, has asked for our help over the next few Sundays after an incident that occurred last Sunday.
Illegal immigration has been in the news often, and is a significant issue in the Latino church. Angel regularly teaches the congregation to obey the laws of this country, and to work toward obtaining legal status.

Last Sunday, a van from the department of immigration parked right outside the church as the service ended. Angel (who is a legal immigrant) and another member went out to try to talk with the officials in the van. The van left without talking with them, but simply circled the block and then returned. To the people in the church, it felt like intimidation. No arrests or any type of contact was made.
Regardless of our beliefs about this complicated issue, freedom to worship is a fundamental right in our country. There are many other avenues the department of immigration has to enforce the laws of our land, including job sites and residences. Making it difficult for Latinos to worship, in my opinion, goes too far.
Angel is concerned that many of his members will not feel safe attending church. He asked if 4 or 5 anglos would be willing to be present outside the church between 10 and 10:30 as people are arriving for worship, and from 11:45 to 12:15 as people are leaving. The purpose would be to encourage our Latino brothers and sisters, and if immigration makes an appearance again, to politely ask if they would allow people the freedom to worship without being hindered by our government.
I listened with several others in our Yearly Meeting today as Angel told several stories about the difficulty people in his congregation have had trying to follow the process the law outlines for legal status. There are cases in the Newberg church that lawyers have led through the correct legal process, yet families are still separated (Newberg and Mexico) because our system is still subject to different personal interpretations of the law by immigration officials. People from our church and from our Yearly Meeting are contacting government officials and other Christian organizations to find ways that we can help those who can get legal status to do so, and to find ways to educate and help our Latino brothers and sisters.

We will be serving this church for the next three Sunday's and more if needed. Regardless of your views on immigration issues, everyone has the right to worship freely and without fear, and we ask that you join us in prayer for this church community, for the people who want to help without confrontation, for Angel to lead the church through fear they may be feeling, and for God's peace, comfort and justice to be felt by all.

Bread Baking

Today was bread baking day, it is my turn to bake and deliver bread to everyone in my co-op. The house smells SO yummy and cozy with the fresh bread smell, and nothing beats the taste of fresh, organic, homemade bread slathered with Irish butter! Hungry yet? :)

The Other Blog

Here is the link to my other blog, for some reason I can't add it to this one, so we'll do it this way. I will post pictures and updates about my pregnancy and labor, and talk about the miracle of new life. :) Feel free to stop by and check it out!

(click on 'here' I don't know why the link isn't showing up)

Pancake Morning

We had a nice relaxing morning, didn't rush to get dressed or have anywhere to go. I love those mornings. My great friend Nicole brought her son Nolan over to play for a little while and we all made pancakes..delicious sourdough pancakes, mmmmm!
The kids all had bananas and chocolate syrup on their pancakes, definitely a treat! They thanked me between every bite. :)

I think the kids enjoyed them! :)

(I didn't get a good picture of Nolan, he was busy eating! I was doing the same! :)

A Little Slice of Heaven

We had a little taste of Tuscany for dinner tonight. It is a sourdough crust from the Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter that my dad gave me, he has been keeping it going for years and now I have some of my own. My dad is an amazing cook, and a pro at making the most delicous breads. He taught me to make this delicioius pizza dough. This starter makes the most flavorful bread/pizza dough, and pancakes I have ever had, I have yet to make the waffles and biscuits. Mmmm!

I topped the pizza's with a homemade alfredo sauce, mozzerella, red onions, mushrooms, roasted chicken, and tomatoes. The kids decided it was way better than our usual Friday night tradition and I have to agree, it's also much healthier with all local organic ingredients. Yum!

Come on over and enjoy some homemade pizza with us, our door is always open! :)

Me with my dad, the chef/pilot. :)

A Beard When You're 5?

This was one of many pre-dinner conversations this evening:

Ryan: Daddy, I think I'm starting to grow a beard.

Daddy: Really? Let me see.

Ryan: See, my skin is kinda dry right here.

Daddy: Well...I don't see anything, I think you might need to be around 13 before that happens.

Ryan: Well I think it's starting to grow.

So, cute. Ryan has been making us laugh so much lately. I can definitely wait until the puberty pre-beard starts to sprouting. :)

Private School

This morning we have been organizing the kids room, taking down Anna's crib and replacing it with a toddler bed. She is so excited, though I have a feeling she will be a frequent visitor in our room in the wee hours of the morning.

As we were working Ryan casually says, "I don't want to go to a private school, only naked people go there, nobody wears clothes!" hahaha It was SO cute! It's a good thing he doesn't want to go to 'private' school, it costs a lot to be naked all the time! ;) He will be attending the fully clothed (free) public school in the fall. That funny boy!

It's a.....

I just had an ultrasound and found out (to my surprise) that we are having a boy! Unfortunately, Aaron wasn't able to get away from work today, but my dear friend Nicole got to come and share the experience with me. We put Aaron on speaker phone to hear the details, and sent him pictures by text. My other dear friend Sarah watched the kiddos while I was gone. My due date was moved up a week to May 25th (it was May 31) just two days after my sister Karyn graduates (which I hope to make it to!) Yay for sweet babies, ten toes, ten fingers, wiggly strong legs, and arms that pack a punch. :)