Muy Caliente!

Muy Caliente- that in a nut shell is my husband! Not only can he cook but he's not afraid to wear my aprons. :) Carne Asada- YUM! (Apron: Mom's Diner open 24 hours :)

Every week in school, Ryan has a new reading chart to practice sounds, letter combinations, and vowels. Last week he completed all of his charts and started reading books! We decided to have a celebration for him and for his dessert he requested an apple-peach pie. He has good taste!:) I made a pie and served it with ice cream and we all cheered for our new reader. I can't believe how big he is. :) Great job Ryan!

Sweet Songs

Here is a video I took of Tyler saying goodnight and singing a sweet song to the baby. Anytime the baby hears the kids around he starts kicking and moving. I love that they are already connected.

Happy Mama's Day!

Today was a wonderful day! It started off with the most amazing breakfast made by Aaron and the kids. Blueberry Blintzes and fruit salad. Oh man, was it good. I am so grateful for a husband that cooks SO well. :) Ryan painted a tile for me and wrapped it up himself at school. It is precious. Aaron and the kids bought me a jewelry box from one of my favorite stores and had gorgeous Asian Lillie's waiting on the table for me.
Ryan was so funny today, after breakfast I had complemented Aaron on making the best breakfast ever and Ryan was being so sweet, saying nice things to everyone. Then he said "Mommy, you are really good at telling daddy what to do." *sweet smile* Aaron and I both started laughing so hard, Ryan was a little embarrassed after just realizing what he had said. Then he said "If I ever say that again, I'll spank myself!" haha I had tears coming down my face with that one. Such a cutie pie!

After breakfast we played outside in the sunshine and just relaxed. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed each others company. Aaron and the kids put up some fencing to keep the chickens in and not roaming around the neighborhood. : ) For dinner we had homemade broccoli cheese soup and a roasted chicken (from a local farm, not one of ours ;) filled with garlic and rosemary. Delicious! It was such a sweet day relaxing and enjoying one another. I am so very thankful for my sweet family, there is no place I would rather be than home with my husband and kids. Just the way it should be. Now for those chocolate covered strawberries that are waiting for me. :)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama- you taught me all that I know about taking care of my family. I learned from the very best. I love you! xoxo


Celebrating you on this day. Remembering your contagious laughter and beautiful smile. Missing your hugs and words. Smiling knowing where you are. Loving you each and every day.

I love you always.


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Though today is a celebration of Mexico, I can't help but think about, remember, and celebrate these beautiful faces from the Nicaraguan village, Gracias a Dios.

Our awesome team on our way to Nicaragua.

The people of Gracias a Dios are some of the most precious people I have met. So full of hope, and undoubted faith. In the face of tragedy, destruction, and hardship they say "The sun has risen, it is a new day. I have my family and my health God is good." Beautiful. I want to be like them. So today, and every day, I remember them and how I saw the face of God in their smiles.

Te echo de menos querida familia y pienso en ti a menudo. Hasta que nos reunamos de nuevo, Dios los bendiga. xo

Fun Family Weekend

We had a great weekend around beautiful Portland. On Saturday we went down to the waterfront and watched the big ships and small boats, which the kids loved. We thought about going to the Cinco de Mayo celebration to eat yummy fresh tortillas, but after seeing that the entrance fee was $8 per adult, plus parking, plus food, plus...we decided to wave as we drove by. :) On our way home, we stopped at the Sherwood Saturday market and walked around, we ended up buying four different organic, heirloom tomato plants: Fourth of July, Pineapple, Zebra Striped, and Cherokee Purple. I can't wait until they are ready for eating! Mmmmm. When we got home, we enjoyed a thunder and lighting show right outside our window. Great day!
Today we (Aaron) planted the tomato plants while the chickens and kids ran around the backyard playing and eating bugs...the chicks not the kids. :) I sat in the grass and watched, soaked in the sun, the laughter, the memories and made food. I brought out iced water with lemon and fresh mint for the hard workers, we had tuna with apples, celery, raisins, and chives on top of homemade biscuits from breakfast for lunch. Yummy! It tasted like summer.

Tonight I made Falafel on flatbread for dinner, it was so good! Falafel is an egyptian/middle eastern dish made of chickpeas, onions, garlic, parsley, cumin, cardamon, salt, pepper, lemon..yummy stuff all mixed together and fried. Yes, fried, that's what makes it SO good. Serve it on top of fluffy flatbread, parsley, tahini, tomatoes, yogurt-cucumber sauce (aka tsatziki-not traditional for this dish as it is greek, but SO delicious) and enjoy. The kids gobbled it up before I had even finished half of mine and were already asking for seconds, thirds, and fourths. :)
Taking pictures and blogging about food and fun happenings around our home has kept me distracted from these long few weeks before baby comes. Consider yourself warned: you may hear and see way more about food and daily life than you ever signed up for. :)