Superheroes (and Villians) Unite!

Today Tyler and Aaron went to a father-son superhero dress-up birthday party. Tyler dressed up as 'Super Tyler,' Aaron on the other hand decided that there is no reason for Superheroes unless there is a villain, so he dressed up as 'Evil Five Finger' named after his five finger shoes. They both had so much fun thinking about what their costumes would look like and what their names would be. It was so cute!

At the party they had great feats of Superhero strength: Bar hang, Trike on Treadmill, and Heavy Weight Walk. After each game the Superheroes were rewarded with Power Pellets (M&M's.) Aaron and Tyler had such a fun time together with all of their friends (Aaron's and Tyler's :) While they went to the party I got to spend some fun time with Anna and Ryan, we went to pizza and then to the new toy store in town to play.

Now I have three sleepy Super-kids who are ready for stories, kisses and bed, and a Super husband who I can't wait to snuggle up with on the couch to watch a movie in pj's. It's been a great day at the Superhero household! :)

*In case you were wondering...Aaron is wearing my running spandex compression capris, and my old volleyball spandex from highschool. There is nothing hotter than my husband in spandex! :)

Kindergarten Round-up

Can you believe it's time for Kindergarten sign ups already? This evening we took Ryan to meet teachers, look at classrooms, and sign the many papers that make up the registration packet. Ryan is so excited to start at a new school, he has loved being in Teacher Loekie's class and has learned so much, but now he gets to go to the "big kid school." His new school is less than a mile away from our house so we will be riding bikes for as long as we can, and then I will be taking/picking up during the winter...I'm not so sure about those bus rides.
Deciding what school (public, private, or home school) has been a very hard choice to make, but as long as we are very involved in the classroom and at home, and spend lot's of time praying as a family for those challenges that are bound to arise, we feel this is the best fit for right now. Ask me again for the scary middle school and high school years, and who knows where Ryan will be. :)
I'm glad we have a summer of playing, laughing and snuggling before Ryan starts school. These last 5 1/2 years have gone by way too fast!

New picture here. :)

Spring Cleaning & Preparing for a Spring Baby

My great friend Sarah has inspired me to write about the spring cleaning happenings around our house. This last weekend we were all home sick (again) and after more than two weeks of everyone resting, Aaron and I wanted to get some stuff done (in between pit stops for medicine and sleep.)

This last weekend we:

Cleaned all the rooms and bathrooms
Vacuumed and steam cleaned ALL the carpets (huge job)
Washed all the bedding
Did all but two loads of laundry (it amazes me how much laundry a family of five goes through even when we are sick and in pj's)
Vacuumed and steam cleaned both cars

Working on this week:

Finishing and keeping up with laundry
Organizing kids clothes (too small, for baby, etc)
Labeling and organizing clutter (closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets)
Getting healthy!! :)

Large upcoming projects:

Clean and organize the garage (this will take a weekend)
Clean floorboards in house
Clean windows, steam to sanitize
I'm sure I'll think of more...:)

I love to clean and organize, especially with my label maker. Spring cleaning feels exciting and tiring all at the same time, throw in a little 'nesting' from my pregnant body and look out! :) I'd like to get this stuff done over the next two to three weeks as my growing tummy is making bending, reaching, scrubbing, dusting, you name it, not so comfortable. I have loved reading Heidi's blog and her Tackle it Tuesday's, my favorite part are the before and after photos. So, starting next Tuesday (hopefully we will be healthy) I will begin Tackle it Tuesday for as long as my body can take it, before and after photos included (beware!)

Green This has great, GREEN, cleaning tips that work the same if not better than commercial cleaners. We use essential oils from Young Living for our cleaning, as well as vinegar and baking soda, so no harsh chemicals here...(okay so I'd be lying if I didn't tell you about my secret, hidden bottle of Green Works sanitizing spray from Lysol. I keep it around for when the stomach flu strikes, I know, I know, the oils and even a lemon do the same thing...I'm getting past this. :)

Feel free to drop by anytime (when we are finally healthy) I may put you to work so be prepared! :) *

*I've heard of cleaning co-ops where a group of women get together and clean one persons house for a weekend, and then choose a new house each weekend until they are all done. I love this idea, but am not sure I would want all of my dear friends to see ALL of the dust and gunk that has been accumulating since who knows when.


We had a great Valentine's weekend spent with family. My parents drove up for a short visit and my sister and her fiance drove over from McMinnville. It was the first time we had all been together since before Karyn left for France. We had an awesome steak dinner, with shrimp, asparagus, steak fries, and chocolate fondue for dessert. Yum!

Fun matching shoes for me and my hubby to celebrate!

What a blessing it is to have five Valentine's to share my days with! xo

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you have a blessed day with loved ones, a day filled with words of love, a day to celebrate family and relationships, and most importantly, the unconditional love of God that is forever surrounding us. Happy day to you and your sweethearts! xoxo

Chicken Soup Days

We have been hit hard with the stomach flu this week! After a winter of being pretty healthy, we are getting a full years worth right now. It has gone through the whole family: first Anna, then Aaron, Ryan, Tyler, and finally Mama. Poor Ryan just stopped getting sick at 11 last night and woke up this morning with a bad cold, fever, and pink eye. Poor guy. We are gearing up for round two of sickness, hopefully this one doesn't go through everyone. This must be the reason I've been making/freezing so much chicken soup in the last few weeks!

*Aaron just yelled down the stairs that Tyler has pink eye too....awesome.

Anna's 2nd Birthday

Two years ago today, sweet Anna was born. I can't believe she is two already! She brings so much laughter, joy, and gentle softness to our family. We celebrated with a polka dot party tonight, her best friend Esther came with her awesome mama Beth, Auntie Karyn and Zac came, and of course her two loving brothers. It was sweet to see Ryan and Tyler so excited for Anna on her special day.

We ate waffles with strawberries and pink whipped cream, banana blueberry salad, strawberry lemonade, yellow cake with raspbery filling, and ice cream. Mmmm, it was Anna's dream dinner!

Tonight at bedtime Anna was pretty tired and overwhelmed from a day full of celebration. While Aaron put the boys down for bed, Anna snuggled up and fell asleep on my chest, just like she did the first time I held her two years ago. It was such a precious way to end her birthday. Happy Birthday sweet Anna, we love you so very much! xoxo