A few weeks ago, we traveled down to Southern Oregon to visit THE FARM. We all chipped in to help build the new silo for the organic pig feed. It was A LOT of work, but such a rewarding experience. We worked from 10 am until about 8pm: hammering, lifting, thinking...working together. We finished the day with a home grown meal of pork chops, tomato cucumber salad, slow cooked baked beans, blackberry shortcake. It was awesome!

My best friend from childhood, Julia, came with her boyfriend Julian, Aaron's parents also helped- it was a group effort. I loved working with everyone together, such a beautiful picture of community. And the silo is finished! :-)

Check out Obrien's Family Farm for pasture raised pork- it is out of this world!

Mmm, summer is here!

Science is yummy!

For science yesterday we explored the wonders of vinegar and baking soda, it never gets old and is always fun! We started with a hypothesis and picture, then the careful pouring, and laughter soon followed. The kids loved the fizzy bubbles, not so much the smell though.

Could vinegar and baking soda taste yummy? Let's eat some!

Ewww! No Mommy!

Are you sure?....

That vinegar and baking soda turned into delicious chocolate cake, topped with raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, and fresh mint. Mmm! Science IS yummy! Sweet Aiden agreed... I love homeschooling these beautiful babies of mine, especially on chocolate cake days. ;-)

Swagger Wagon

I thought this would make you laugh, my sister shared this with me and I thought it was hilarious! We don't have a minivan, but I know that day is on the horizon.

Happy weekend friends!