Looking Back...

Looking back on 2009...

We laughed...

We loved...

There was a marriage...

And a beautiful beautiful birth...

Sacred goodbyes...

And we enjoyed the earth...

What a blessed year it has been, we wouldn't trade any experience lived in 2009. All of it has a purpose. And now, to look forward to the year to come. What will 2010 hold for this precious family? Wait and see...

Happy New Year dear friends!

God With Us

For Christmas this year we headed south to Grants Pass. My sister and brother in-law flew in from snowy Alaska I finally got to hug and kiss my sister and talk to my precious little niece (due on April 7th) Karyn has the cutest little tummy. :)




Playing (poor Ryan got sick on our trip down, he spent a lot of time resting and playing cards. He beat the pants off of everyone in 'Uno' and 'Go Fish')


Competing (seriously, Ryan is a card shark!)

Savoring (Chicago pizza from Giordano's was frozen and shipped to the farm..oh deary me it is heaven covered in tomato sauce)
Eating (oh, the cheese!)

Wearing (hello blue eyes)

Gassing (....eww really? yes really!)

Sniffing (....yes still)





Concentrating (precious little kissy cheeks)

Wonderful memories of celebrating Christ together, who gave the greatest present of all, his precious son. When I think of the birth of Jesus, I think about my own children. I wonder if Mary ever called Jesus 'Kissy Cheeks'....I'm sure in her own way she did.:) I am so thankful that God limited himself by coming to earth in the form of man, that he loved us so much, he gave his only son as a sacrifice. Thank you my precious Lord for your unconditional love.

Te echo de menos la gente bonita de Nicaragua. Estoy soñando con el día en que se reunirá de nuevo. Feliz Navidad!

Love is...

I love these precious children. I am amazed daily that God loves and trusts me enough with these sweet people. What a gift!
And him...oh, my kissy cheeks. So sweet.
And the man I love, he makes me laugh and smile all the time. What a good sport! He let my sister, mom, and I dress him up in a pretty apron while he baked all the cookies for my sisters wedding. lol If you know Aaron, you know this picture was hard for him to take as he is always smiling! :)
Have a beautiful weekend my friends! xo