Merry Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas here at home. We started the day with excited, happy kids eager to pour out their filled stockings and open the gifts under the tree. We had a breakfast fit for a king, played games, snuggled,read books, watched movies, and ate ate ate!

A baby! Anna named her Abby. :)

We had a yummy ham dinner and everyone helped make a special birthday cake for Jesus, this year the kids decided He needed a lemon cake. It is so fun to see how excited the kids are to celebrate His birthday. We lit candles, sang Happy Birthday, and ended the evening sharing how we each saw or felt really close to God this year. The responses included cake, sharing, praying after a scary dream, reading the Bible, traveling to another country, and ended with a precious thought: "I like to give Jesus hugs."

After dessert we all got in to our new Christmas jammies and played a few rounds of The Hungry Hippo (one of the greatest kids games of all times)

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you had a special day!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Jesús! Gracias a Dios por enviar a su hijo a la tierra. ¡Te queremos!

A mi familia en 'Gracias a Dios'

Feliz Navidad a mi familia en Nicaragua! Gracias por mostrarme tu Dios da la esperanza, la alegría y la luz. Usted estará en mi corazón para siempre, y siempre en mis pensamientos. Me refiero a la celebración esta Navidad, usted y los desaparecidos. Amor, de su hermana americana xo

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

May your Christmas be filled with joy, meaning, hope, and love as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. We are thinking of you all.

A fun picture with my handsome husband! :)

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year we went up to the snow to get our tree (little did we know that the snow would be covering our driveway two days later!) We had so much fun picking out a tree that was just right. After we cut down the tree, we warmed up with some hot chocolate and candy canes.

Hot Mama!

A couple weeks ago all of the Young Life leaders in the area met for a midnight match of broom hockey. This was the first time our Young Lives group joined the fun, and since our ministry is for teen parents, we dressed up as pregnant mama's. It was SO much fun, by far the latest that I have been up for quite a while, but worth it. Here are some fun pictures, Aaron was home sick that evening so these are just of me.
Yep...that's a pill box taped to my leg. :)